Highbay LD1005A
  • Product name: Highbay LD1005A
  • Product model:LD1005A
  • Category:LED Highbay
  • Power bracket:COB 40W-200W
  • Weight:-
  • Product size:-
  • Package size:-
  • Related materials:cast aluminum
Suitable occasion:
Product name: Highbay LD1005A
Product features
LD1005A COB LED highbay is designed for indoor and outdoor lighting production area of ​​factories, warehouses and hangars, as well as other areas and spaces where the height of the lamp suspension and high quality lighting is crucial.
The benefits of LED highbay LD1005A:
- Two versions of cover: wide cover or deep cover.
- Instant start lights (without delay);
- Do not contain mercury or other harmful substances, environmentally friendly (not requiring special disposal);
- No noise when operating the lamp;
- Soft light, high color rendering and no flicker;
- Absence of ultraviolet radiation (not causing harm to health);
- Energy savings (up to 90%);
- Can operate in conditions of high humidity, which reduces the operating costs associated with moisture;
- Durability (resistance to impact and vibration);
- Long service life (50 000 hours)
Recommended height of suspension lamp: 7-10 meters.
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