Floodlight LD2505B
  • Product name:Floodlight LD2505B
  • Product model:LD2505B
  • Category:LED Flood Light
  • Power bracket:SMD 30W-200W
  • Weight:-
  • Product size:-
  • Package size:-
  • Related materials:Aluminum alloy shell
Suitable occasion:
Product name:Floodlight LD2505B
Product features
• SMD Version, Epistar, Bridgelux, or Sangsum chips

• No UV or RF interference -mercury free

• Quiet, no noise, High CRI, no flickering.

• Better heat dissipation by fin-shaped Aluminum Heat Sink

• Durability (resistance to impact and vibration)

• Lifespan: >5,0000 hours

• IP 65, 3 years warranty
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