Downlight LD3406
  • Product name: Downlight LD3406
  • Product model:LD3406
  • Category:LED Downlight
  • Power bracket:35W-80W
  • Weight:-
  • Product size:-
  • Package size:-
  • Related materials:Aluminum alloy shell
Suitable occasion:
Product name: Downlight LD3406
Product features
It adopts high-brightness high-quality LED as luminous body with low-voltage constant current driver, low power consumption, long service life, reliability and safety.
The body, which is elegant and stylish, made of high purity aluminum after anodizing obrabotki. Horoshaya thermal management ensures stable operation of the LEDs and controls light attenuation effectively.
Perfect optical design ensures soft and even light. Instant lighting, no flickering, no glaring. Free of lead, mercury and other harmful substances. This product is widely used in shopping mall, hotel, airport, and railway stations, etc.
Only a qualified electrician is allowed to do the installation, maintenance and inspection for safety concern. It is dangerous for a non-professional operator.
Ceiling installation only.
Please do not place the product in high temperature or humid place.
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